Florida Bar Exam Essay
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updated 2/4/21

Florida Bar Prep

What's the Issue?

Part A: Florida Essays & Florida Multiple Choice 

Florida Essays
Jonathan Grossman gives you a practical, step-by-step guide for writing Florida model essays for each subject. No more hyperventilating when you read those long fact patterns. Now you've got a template. 

Jonathan also offers private tutoring, although he has a limited number of slots.


Florida Multiple Choice 
Phillip Sandon hits the big-ticket topics for Florida multiple choice. No more drooling on your keyboard from watching insanely long 3-hour videos that teach you useless points of law.

Phillip also offers private tutoring, although he has a limited number of slots:



Part A: Florida Essay 

Florida Essay Model Answers
Kaplan's model answers, which are in IRAC format, are clear and concise. You can't beat them.


Part B: MBE

MBE Multiple Choice
Adaptibar offers real MBE multiple choice questions. When you're going to battle, and your enemy has shown you its cards, consider studying them. 

MBE Videos
Jonathan Grossman makes law not only easy to understand, but also breaks down each MBE subject into digestible, memorable chunks of information.